The Caribbean

When you think of the word 'paradise' the first thing that should pop into your head is the crystal clear lagoons, palm trees and white sands of the Caribbean. Anyone that has visited the islands will find it hard to disagree with the Caribbean’s title as one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The laid-back lifestyle and tropical climate offer some seriously relaxing and indulgent experiences, and visitors flock here time after time to find their very own piece of paradise.
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St Lucia

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Punta Cana

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£236.99 £174.99 £194.99 £174.99 £233.99 £251.5 £252.5 £237.99 £277.99 £277.99 £277.5 £257.99

Montego Bay

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Things To Do In Caribbean

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10 Facts About Caribbean

  1. The Caribbean consists of over 700 islands, reefs and caves but only 2% of them are inhabited, making them the epitome of paradise lost.
  2. Barbados and Antigua both have English as their official language, whereas the official language of St. Lucia is French, though you’ll get by with English too!
  3. The El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S and is home to rarities like the Puerto Rican parrot and coquis tree frog.
  4. Cuba is a picture of 1950’s Americana with Cadillacs parked among the palm trees and a roaring trade in rum and cigars.
  5. Jamaica is home to one of only three glowing lagoons in the world. The water is teeming with microscopic organisms that glitter a stunning green.
  1. With 11 casinos to choose from, Aruba is the casino capital of the Caribbean, perfect if you love a night of gambling and glitz.
  2. Large parts of the Pirates of the Caribbean films were filmed in the Caribbean and there are plenty of pirate ship cruises to get you in the high sea spirit.
  3. Antigua is one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations and with its miles of white sandy shores, luxury resorts and spa facilities, it’s little wonder why.
  4. St. Lucia was passed between the ruling of the English and French 14 times, giving it a rich colonial heritage that can be seen all over the island.
  5. There are 365 beaches in Antigua, one for every day of the year – sounds like the life!

More About Caribbean

A quick look at a map of the Caribbean and you’ll feel spoiled for choice. Should you visit the vibrant culture and nightlife of Barbados? The laidback St. Lucia? Or perhaps the up market and luxurious Antigua? Surf the eastern coast of Barbados and enjoy the contemporary nightlife, or discover the history of colonialism first hand through museums and monuments. Nature lovers will find much to explore almost anywhere in the Caribbean, as many of the islands feature breath-taking botanical gardens and rainforests. Despite the vibrant culture, activities and food, Caribbean islands are really famous for one thing, the beaches. The clear, warm waters are some of the most inviting in the world and all the islands offer wonderful opportunities to learn snorkelling and scuba diving, or just relax on the soft white sands.

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