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Sharm El Sheikh

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Few historical locations summon more mystery and wonder than Egypt. With the Great Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the Grand Egyptian Museum and the legends surrounding pharaohs like Tutankhamun, a visit to Egypt is an immersion into ancient history that can't be replicated. Once you add the oasis-like resorts, hot days and warm evenings, Egypt makes the perfect holiday destination.

Luxor is the historical go-to for all things ancient Egypt. As the site of the ancient city of Thebes, Luxor is often referred to as "the world's greatest open air museum". It is the gateway to visit the Temple of Karnak and the Temple of Luxor, but it is the Valley of the Kings with its 63 tombs that is the real jewel. There's really only one way to fully appreciate the grandeur of the valley and that's with a dawn hot air ballon ride.

During the day, visit the wide range of bazaars and shops for hand-made jewellery, local ornaments and a dizzying array of spices and perfumes. At night, take a boat trip down the Nile to enjoy on board dining while taking in the country's unique architecture.

Situated on the coastal strip of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh overlooks the Red Sea, and boasts a water temperature that rarely dips below 20 degrees Celcius. There are plenty of tropical style resorts to choose from and getting around is easy. Make sure you take full advantage of the warm waters and give SCUBA diving, waterskiing and/or kite surfing a try.

For a truly Egyptian experience, channel Lawrence of Arabia and take a desert safari on the back of a camel. If that pace seems too slow, visitors can always up the ante with 4x4s or even quad bikes. For an even more breathtaking experience, try to time your safari to include a sunrise or a sunset. It's a view you won't soon forget.

Hurghada makes the perfect base to visit the whole of Egypt. Day trips are available to visit Cairo where you can cross off that bucket list standard: seeing the Great Pyramid of Giza. At the end of the day, you can then return to the relaxing coastal city with its wide range of restaurants or visit downtown El Dahar for authentic Egyptian cuisine. When you're not day tripping to see ancient wonders, you can enjoy all the sun, sea and sand that Hurghada offers.

With its remarkable combination of fascinating ancient history, inimitable sights and perfect weather all year round, Egypt is a fantastic holiday destination, whatever you're looking for.

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