A little advice from us for your holiday in Greece

With its vast scattering of beautiful islands, fascinating history and famously friendly locals, Greece remains one of the most popular summer holiday destinations. Despite the financial issues the region is now facing, travellers are still being urged to continue with their plans and enjoy everything it has to offer.

The main piece of advice being offered to foreign visitors travelling to Greece that we would like to pass on to our customers is to make sure that you’re taking enough Euros to last your trip, and not rely on withdrawals from local ATM’s as much once you are there. On arrival at your hotel we would advise that you then store your money in a safe or deposit box, as you would probably do anyway. Additionally, there have also been some reports of medical supply shortages, so do as you normally would and make sure that you have enough personal supplies to last you the duration of your holiday.

Along with a little pre-travel preparation, holidaymakers can still make the most of their Greece holiday with many resorts still reporting business as usual.

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Greece is a holiday destination packed with wonder. Four millennia of settlers from the Minoans to the Romans to the Latin Crusaders and the Turks have left their footprints across this fascinating country, making it one of the most historically and culturally rich places in the world. Greece was the birthplace of democracy and the philosophers of Greece – Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, to name just three – laid the foundations of modern Western civilisation here. We have Greece to thank for theatre and drama, classical architecture, the Olympic Games and some delicious cuisine. Some of our favourites in the UK – olives, houmous, kebabs, feta – are said to have originated in Greece.

One of the best things about Greece is the sheer variety on offer. Mainland Greece offers the breath-taking beauty of Athens, but it's on one of the many Greek islands, away from the hustle and bustle, that you'll be able to really relax. Corfu is the most well known of the Ionian Islands and has been developed in some areas, but the island is large enough to accommodate quality resorts alongside unspoilt beaches and lush, green landscape. It also has its fair share of history and the archaeological museum in Corfu Town is well worth a visit. Even larger than Corfu is Kefalonia, which will be familiar to some as the backdrop to the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Kefalonia has escaped mass tourism and is worth visiting for its unspoilt beaches and pretty Venetian-style fishing villages, such as Fiscardo on the north-east coast. Slightly further South of Kefalonia is Zakynthos, which offers crystal clear waters and underwater caves perfect for snorkelling. It's also only a short hop from the mainland.

One of the best known of the Greek islands is Crete, which sits right in the middle of the Mediterranean and enjoys the balmy temperatures you'd expect of an island that is relatively close to the coast of North Africa. The north coast is home to resorts that cater for the young, party-going crowds, whilst the south is quieter and less commercial. Here you'll find Hania, a small city that boasts a harbour surrounded by higgledy-piggledy Venetian streets and a view of snowcapped mountains. Also very popular with tourists is the island of Rhodes, which sits so far east in the Mediterranean that it's closer to Turkey than it is Greece. Alongside the usual sandy beaches and interior mountains, Rhodes' most stunning attraction is the medieval old town that lies at the heart of its capital, Rhodes Town.

The diversity of Greece makes for a fantastic holiday, whether you're looking for a relaxed beach holiday, an archaeological odyssey or a foodie's dream tour. There's simply something for everyone.

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