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Cheapest flights to Antalya - Turkey

A true Turkish delight, Antalya is one of the gems of the Mediterranean. It's become a real favourite with couples and families, and it's easy to see why. As well as the city of Antalya, the coastal resorts in the Antalya area have so much to offer, from amazing beaches and stunning natural scenery, to fantastic fun attractions, to archaeological and historical sights.

The city of Antalya itself is a real cultural hotspot, with an amazing wealth of history. It boasts a stunningly well preserved old quarter, Kaleici, which is a maze of narrow streets hidden behind the crumbling city walls. Enter Kaleici through the glorious Hadrian's Gate archway, and take your time wandering the labyrinth and discovering the ancient relics and landmarks, including the clock tower, the Roman port, Roman ruins and mosque.

As well as the historical landmarks of the old quarter, Antalya also boasts a picturesque marina, several quality golf courses, a Dolphinpark, and the fun MiniCity attraction. Add great beaches and easy access to some spectacular natural and archaeological attractions, and Antalya guarantees a great holiday, whatever your interests.

Antalya is surrounded by fantastic beach resorts, if you want a relaxing break away from the city, with Side, Lara Beach, Alanya and Belek being the most popular with holidaymakers. Each beach resort has its own style, with Side mixing brilliant golden sands and shallow waters with amazing Roman ruins. Belek is a purpose built resort that's all about the luxury hotels, the Blue Flag beach and great golfing, whereas Lara Beach is the Vegas of Turkey, with themed hotels lined up on a great family friendly beach. Last but not least there's Alanya, the biggest of the Antalya resorts by far, with a huge castle fortress, a pretty harbour, great beaches and an atmospheric old town.

Whichever resort you choose in Antalya, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to great excursions. One trip out that should be on everyone's list is to the 'cotton castle' of Pamukkale, an amazing natural attraction that looks like a snowy cliffside but is in fact calcium coated hot springs. Pamukkale is usually combined with a look around the nearby ancient city of Hierapolis, home to a magnificent Roman theatre, and a swim in Cleopatra's hot spring pool. Other amazing attractions include the ruins of Termessos, which sit in a beautiful National Park, the ruins of Perge and the breathtaking Duden Waterfalls.

Antalya is a Turkish destination that offers much more than your average holiday resort. Rich in history, culture and unbelievable natural scenery, Antalya is well worth the journey. Book your flights today with Thomascook Airlines and let your adventure begin.

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