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Cheapest flights to Banjul - Gambia

Holidays in Gambia really are something special, offering an amazing taste of authentic Africa combined with stunning beaches, cities, sights and attractions. Banjul is the capital of Gambia and makes a fantastic base for those wishing to explore this small West African country - especially those who want to make the most of the stunning stretch of coast where The Gambia meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Sitting at the mouth of the stunning River Gambia, Banjul offers the African city break experience within easy reach of some of the beautiful beach resorts boasted by the Gambian coast. The city itself is busy and bustling, with vibrant markets and a lively harbour. Culture vultures have the National Museum and the Arch 22 monument to quench their thirst for historical knowledge, whereas night owls can enjoy laidback nightlife with a choice of restaurants offering spicy Gambian cuisine - try the yassa, a citrusy chicken or fish dish, and the domoda, a groundnut based strew with meat, vegetables and rice.

Outside of the city centre the options for your holiday itinerary are plentiful, with the River Gambia National Park being one must-do excursion ? but watch out for the baboons! The Bijilo Forest Park is another place to see primates in their natural habitat, as well as a wide variety of bird species

For the shopaholic holidaymakers, Banjul Market is an amazing experience, which allows you access to the authentic Africa that many visitors to this far-flung destination crave. Be prepared for a riot of hustle, bustle, colour and activity, and be sure to get your best haggling hat on to bag some incredible bargains.

As well as a bustling capital city, and a wealth of amazing African landscapes, holidays to Banjul also offer access to the fantastic beach resorts of Kololi and Kotu. Kololi is the most established of the two, and the long golden swaths of sands, lively nightlife and fantastic selection of restaurants keep drawing the crowds, year after year.

Wherever you choose to spend your time in and around Banjul, you're sure to want to return to this beautiful sliver of Africa, as one visit will never be enough. Book your cheap flights to Banjul with Thomascook Airlines and start planning your stay.

Banjul Weather

Average Winter Temp

24 °C

Average Summer Temp

27 °C
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