Holidays in Gambia really are something special, offering an amazing taste of authentic Africa combined with stunning beaches, cities, sights and attractions. Banjul is the capital city and makes a fantastic base for those wishing to explore this small West African country - especially those who want to make the most of the stunning stretch of coast where The Gambia meets the Atlantic Ocean. Sitting at the mouth of the stunning River Gambia, bustling Banjul offers the African city break experience within easy reach of some of the beautiful beach resorts boasted by the Gambian coast.
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Things To Do In Banjul

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10 Facts About Banjul

  1. Banjul was formerly known as Bathurst and sits on St Mary's Island, also known as Banjul Island, where the Gambia River enters the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Banjul was founded in 1816, when the British Colonial Office ordered Captain Alexander Grant to establish a military post on the river to suppress the slave trade.
  3. Banjul is the Gambia’s economic and administrative centre and is home to the Central Bank of the Gambia.
  4. Peanuts are big business in Banjul - it has several peanut plants and oil mills. Peanuts, peanut oil and palm kernels are exported worldwide from here.
  5. One of Banjul’s sister cities is, surprisingly, Grimsby in Lincolnshire. Like Banjul, Grimsby is a seaport, which is located by an estuary!
  1. A brand-new conservation project, Eagle Heights, opened in late 2014. The project is the sister of a similar centre in the UK and is based at The Abuko Nature Reserve.
  2. Banjul takes its name from the Mandé people who gathered fibres on the island to manufacture ropes. Bang julo is the actual Mande word for rope fibre.
  3. Banjul is home to the Gambia Technical Training Institute, which has a partnership with organisation Power Up Gambia to develop a solar energy training program.
  4. Local people from Banjul and the Gambia tend to share food from a large bowl on the table. It’s usually very spicy and you’ll be offered a spoon and told to dig in.
  5. A local delicacy is Ebeh. Ebeh is made from quite an array of ingredients, including smoked fish, crabs, oysters and fish eggs to name a few ingredients.

More About Banjul

Wherever you choose to spend your time in and around Banjul, you're sure to want to return to this beautiful sliver of Africa, as one visit will never be enough. This little city is often overlooked but is so worth the journey to see its fabulous markets, faded colonial structures and retained sense of history, as well as its glorious resorts. Book your cheap flights to Banjul with Thomas Cook Airlines and start planning your stay.

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