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Beautiful Barbados is one of those destinations that dreams are made of. A classic Caribbean island with a British twist, it's a fantastic place to choose for the holiday of a lifetime.

Soft white sands are a given here - think talcum powder fine and you're going in the right direction - and the Caribbean Sea is bright blue, warm and inviting. You'll even find those clichèd swaying coconut palms! What you'll also find is a surprising taste of home. They love their cricket and afternoon tea in Barbados and the widespread colonial architectural is a nod to the US.

When it comes to where to stay, it's the battle of the west and south coasts - each one vying for your attention. To the south of the island you have Christ Church, where you'll find both low key Maxwell and lively St Lawrence. To the west it's all about St James, which boasts one of the most stunning stretches of sand on the island - and that's saying something! In a nutshell, if you want to party, head to St Lawrence and if you want peace and tranquillity, Maxwell should be your resort of choice. If you want glamour and a gorgeous beach, St James is perfect as one of the most sophisticated spots in Barbados.

On the beach, watersports are a fun way to take a break from the sunlounger. Windsurfing, jet-skiing and kayaking are all popular pastimes for those who like to get active in the water. You'll also have amazing opportunities to snorkel, with lucky underwater explorers catching a glimpse of the majestic turtles that inhabit the Caribbean around the island.

Away from the beach you have a fantastic combination of stunning architecture and breathtaking natural beauty. Bridgetown, the UNESCO listed capital of the island, is a must-do excursion and the Andromeda Botanic Gardens and Harrison's Cave are just two of best natural wonders of Barbados.

Of course, a big part of what makes Barbados stand out as a holiday destination is its larger than life personality. Experience this at its best at the Friday fish fry in Oistins, where you can dine on the freshest catch of the day with locals, or when hitting the rum cocktails in the bars of St Lawrence Gap. There seems to be music, laughter and life at every turn in Barbados!


You're pretty much guaranteed sunshine whatever time of year you visit Barbados, with the mercury typically hanging out between 25 and 30 degrees. Go between December and May if you want to avoid the rainy season, and beware hurricanes. These are rare but can occasionally occur between the peak summer months of June and October. Overall, Barbados is best as a winter/spring sunshine destination, providing the perfect sunny escape from the wind, rain and snow back home.

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