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Cheapest flights to Bodrum - Turkey

Like many destinations in Turkey, Bodrum is an intriguing mixture of old world meets new world. Full of charm and character, this resort on Turkey's Aegean coast boasts a wealth of history and is scattered with ancient gems from times past. The modern side of Bodrum however is all glitz and glam, with a sparkling new marina, top restaurants and classy cocktail bars.

One of Bodrum's most impressive and most iconic landmarks is the Castle of St Peter, a 15th Century castle complete with towers and turrets, which guards the smart harbour. Some of the best views over Bodrum and out to sea can be had from the castle, and it's also home to the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, for an extra culture fix!

In places, Bodrum is something of an open air museum, with relics and ruins at every turn. Any Bodrum tour should take in the stunning Bodrum Amphitheatre, Myndos Gate, which was once the gateway to the ancient walled city of Halicarnassus, and the beautiful 18th Century windmills which sit on a hill overlooking Bodrum Bay. If you're happy to travel a little outside of Bodrum then the 2000 year old city of Ephesus is a must see, as one of the largest and the best preserved ancient sites in the world.

Of course, historical sights and landmarks aren't for everyone. Some people choose to holiday in Bodrum for the great beaches, the cosmopolitan nightlife and the fantastic shopping opportunities - the boutiques at the marina are a shopaholic's dream! Beach wise, Bitez Beach is one of the best for watersports and relaxed lounging, or, for a lively beach scene, the beach at Bodrum's next door neighbour Gumbet is always a fun spot. Those holidaying with kids in tow will also have a visit to the Aquapark on their must-do list.

Those interested in diving will find some fantastic underwater tours available in Bodrum, with some great dive centres in the city. Or, for something a little different, why not roll up your trousers and walk across the sea bed to Rabbit Island?

If you fancy being close to the action in Bodrum and Gumbet, but staying in a peaceful, traditionally Turkish resort, Torba is just down the road from these two popular Turkey holiday spots, yet offers a completely different experience. This sleepy, small fishing village surrounded by rolling green hills is stunningly beautiful, and boasts a tiny fishing boat harbour, a gorgeous Blue Flag beach, and a gentle vibe.

Wherever you choose to base yourself in Bodrum, Thomascook Airlines can get you there. Book your great value flights today.

Bodrum Weather

Average Winter Temp

12 °C

Average Summer Temp

27 °C
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