Like many destinations in Turkey, Bodrum is an intriguing mixture of old world meets new world. Full of charm and character, this resort on Turkey's Aegean coast boasts a wealth of history and is scattered with ancient gems from times past. In places, Bodrum is something of an open air museum, with relics and ruins at every turn. The history dates back to the times of Alexander the Great and beyond. You can even find a wonder of the Ancient World down a cobbled road. The modern side of Bodrum however is all glitz and glam, with a sparkling new marina, top restaurants and classy cocktail bars.
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Things To Do In Bodrum

Weather in Bodrum

Bodrum Weather

Average Winter Temp

16 °C

Average Summer Temp

33 °C

10 Facts About Bodrum

  1. Bodrum is Turkish for ‘underground vault’ or ‘cellar’.
  2. The area was called Halicarnassos by its first settlers, the Dorians from the Peloponnese in approximately 1000 BC.
  3. Myndos Gate, which was once the gateway to the ancient walled city of Halicarnassus, sits a short walk away from the city centre.
  4. There are 18th Century windmills which sit on a hill overlooking Bodrum Bay.
  5. The 2000 year old city of Ephesus is reachable from Bodrum and makes a fantastic day trip.
  1. Bodrum is the birthplace of Greek intellectual Herodotus who wrote about the area in his Histories.
  2. You can roll up your trousers and walk –yes walk - across the sea bed to Rabbit Island!
  3. There are many artists living and working in Bodrum and the area is famed for its legends and lore – many of which are depicted by these artists.
  4. Bodrum was visited by the Knights of St John in 1402 who travelled here from Rhodes, Greece.
  5. The local food in Bodrum is mainly seafood – sardines, calamari, sea bass and whitebait.

More About Bodrum

Bodrum wasn’t always so glamorous. It used to be a place where rebels were exiled to. All this changed when writer Şakir Kabaağaçlı, who was once imprisoned here, fell in love with Bodrum and after he got out of prison drummed up a new wave of Turkish artists and writers who settled here in the 1940s.

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