Cayo Coco

A true paradise, Cayo Coco or ‘the Cayo islands’ are considered to be home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Known for its all-inclusive resorts, the Cayos gets its name from the white ibis, locally known as Coco (coconut) birds. Still relatively untouched - wild flamingos still live in the shallow waters – this island paradise will live with you long after your trip is over. Connected to the main island by causeway, Cayo Coco gives you a true ‘castaway’ experience like no other, with its stunning beaches, crystal clear water and underwater coral gardens.
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Things To Do In Cayo Coco

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7 Facts About Cayo Coco

  1. Cayo Coco is named after the white ibis bird, locally called Coco (coconut) bird.
  2. The causeway linking Cayo Coco to the mainland is 27 km long. It was built in 16 months and 3 million cubic meters of stone were used to build it.
  3. The island has its own international airport, the Jardines del Rey Airport. An earlier airport was reclaimed as a small natural park called Parque Natural El Baga.
  4. A rather gorgeous 85% of Cayo Coco is covered in vegetation. There are more than 200 species of bird here and over 30,000 hot pink flamingos!
  5. Fans of fishing can get their fill in Cayo Coco, where excursions for deep-sea fishing often come up trumps!
  1. Ever fancied a night out in a cave? You may now - there’s one a Cayo Coco with live Cuban music so you can enjoy the rhythms and acoustics of the natural cave setting.
  2. Cayo Coco’s climate is sub-tropical thanks to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer, meaning it’s usually somewhere between 20-35 degrees.

More About Cayo Coco

Cuba’s dry seasons lasts from November to April. In the other months, brief but heavy showers fall on an almost daily basis. The average monthly temperatures don’t fluctuate too much in Cuba and temperatures stay between the low and high 20s throughout the year, making Cayo Coco the ideal year-round beach getaway. But don’t take our word for it, immersing yourself in Cuba is the best and only way to find out for yourself. Book your flights to Cuba with www.thomascookairlines.com and discover a stunning island with plenty of culture, history, natural beauty and hidden gems just waiting to be explored and discovered.

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