Faro is the capital of the leafy Algarve region. Situated in Portugal, the area benefits from great southern Mediterranean weather, history, brilliant restaurants serving up delicious regional specialities as well as fantastic beaches hanging on the coast. A medieval city, Faro is totally walkable and most of the sights and sounds are housed between the medieval walls. Looking around, the most striking aspect is the architecture; baroque, geometric and peaceful. A great place to go for a relaxing break, saunter down to the Praia de Faro, the city’s beach, and amble through the cobbled streets, only stopping for a coffee or a sip of regional wine. Sun-kissed and unashamedly lazy, Faro is a destination you won’t regret recharging in.
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Things To Do In Faro

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10 Facts About Faro

  1. Faro is the southernmost city in Portugal. This means it one of the hottest regions in the country.
  2. Back in 1596 the Earl of Essex sacked Faro. With educational interests in mind, he seized the city’s library from the Bishop of Faro and gave the books to the University of Oxford.
  3. Faro is the administrative seat of the Algarve. It used to be nearby Lagos until the 1755 Lisbon earthquake damaged most of the region’s coastal towns. Faro remained relatively undamaged, protected by the Ria Formosa Lagoon.
  4. Faro is situated next to Ria Formosa Lagoon which is a nature reserve and beach. If you’re a keen bird watcher, this is the place to be – there are hundreds of species here.
  5. Faro hosts in the International Motorcycle Rally, which is usually held in mid-July each year. It is world renowned and attracts motors enthusiasts from all over the globe.
  1. When Faro was occupied by the Moors, some of the Jewish residents at the time made written copies of the Bible’s Old Testament.
  2. The little village of Estoi lies about 10 kilometres from Faro, and from here you can reach Milreu, an important Roman site.
  3. Football fans take note, Faro hosts the Estadio Algarve, the 30,000 seated stadium that was used in the Euro 2004 championship.
  4. The average sea temperature is 16 degrees in January and 25 in August.
  5. The region’s popular dish is cataplana. This is seafood and named after the dish it is cooked in.

More About Faro

Many visitors overlook Faro when they visit the Algarve as it is perceived just as a destination resort. Faro is drenched in history, quirky traditions and is the perfect place to relax in. The food here is especially excellent – as is the wine.

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