Izmir is a cultural gem on the west coast of Turkey, with a long and interesting history and the archaeological relics and landmarks to show for it. With the airport right on the doorstep, it's the perfect 'land and go' destination for those who like to get stuck straight into the sightseeing action with no transfers to sit through first, and there’s so much to see you won’t want to waste any time. With flights to Izmir from Thomascook Airlines you'll be perfectly positioned to explore all the Turkish delights that this large and exciting city has to offer.
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Things To Do In Izmir

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10 Facts About Izmir

  1. Many tourists and locals stroll along the promenade of Alsancak where there are bars, cafés, restaurants and shops to discover.
  2. Hadrian's Gate provides the perfect photo opportunity and there's also a museum for those keen to glean as much as they can from the experience.
  3. Ephesus was a flourishing city in the 10th century BC. It was home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  4. Konak Pier features stunning ornate ironwork designed by world famous engineer Gustave Eiffel of the revered Paris landmark.
  5. The famous Izmir Festival is held from mid-June to mid-July and hosts world-class performances such as orchestras and dance.
  1. Samos Island is home to some important ancient wonders. Parts of the sanctuary to Hera have been dated back to the 10th century BC.
  2. Alongside traditional Turkish kebabs, Izmir’s culinary speciality is tarhana, a tasty soup made from yoghurt and tomatoes.
  3. Next to Izmir's harbour is the renowned Clock Tower, a beautiful 25m high marble tower which features four fountains and North African inspired columns.
  4. Animal lovers will enjoy Izmir Bird Paradise, with over 200 species of exotic bird, and Izmir Wild Life Park with elephants, giraffes and monkeys to admire.
  5. Izmir’s ancient Agora was built for Alexander the Great and its impressive arches and chambers were rebuilt after an earthquake in 178 AD.

More About Izmir

The ancient ruined cities of the famous Ephesus and the labyrinthine Agora will keep culture lovers busy with fascinating Greek and Roman sites and temples, theatres, library and an amphitheatre to explore. Away from the impressive ancient ruins, Izmir is quite the cosmopolitan city destination, with a stunning harbour, a lush, green waterside park and promenade, and the sleek Konak Pier. If a holiday simply isn't a holiday to you without spending some time on golden sands, there are many beautiful beaches in the Izmir region to relax on. Kusadasi is the nearest 'big, beach resort' where the Grand Bazaar and rabbit-warren streets add a traditional touch to the tourist-friendly bars, restaurants and beachfront amenities. For lashings of culture, a cosmopolitan base and a stunning position on the Aegean coast of Turkey, book flights to Izmir with thomascookairlines.com.

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