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Cheapest flights to Lesbos - Greece

Lesbos is one of the larger Greek islands and is sitting pretty in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. Despite its size, it's managed to resist becoming a total tourist hub, and instead offers an authentic slice of Greek island life.

The stunning landscape is a huge draw to Lesbos, with birdwatchers in particular flocking to the island to revel in the 279 species of birds. There's plenty to enjoy without the binoculars though, with rolling green hills rich in flora and fauna, endless olive groves, rugged coastlines, dramatic cliff faces and volcanic craters. Those who love to explore their natural surroundings will be in their element in Lesbos, where endless walking, hiking, cycling and sailing opportunities await.

Mithymna is the largest town in the north of the island, and is an amazing choice for those looking for an authentic base. Wander the cobbled streets, taking in the Ottoman architecture, relax by the harbour where peeling fishing boats bob, or get snap happy at the town's stunning 14th century Byzantine castle.

If beaches are your thing, the resort of Petra is as picturesque as Greek beach resorts come, with stunning sands and a traditional town centre. Sitting on a dramatic rock, the resort has a jumbled charm that's quite unique, with narrow streets winding up and down the craggy landscape. Brave the 114 steps to the very top of the resort and you'll be rewarding with breathtaking views and an audience with the 18th Century 'Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss' church.

A little further along the coastline, the village of Anaxos offers a completely tranquil escape and a fantastic base for those wanting to explore the secret coves and tiny beaches that are dotted along the island's coast.

The island of Lesbos is a haven for those who want to surround themselves with nature on holidays, with Mount Olympus and Mount Lepetymnos towering over the olive groves and thick greenery. One of the most amazing natural attractions on the island is the Petrified Forest - one of only a few in the world, and a protected natural monument on the island. The plants and trees have been fossilised by volcanic activity on Lesbos, to eerie but intriguing effect!

Book your flights to Lesbos with Thomascook Airlines and be transported to a Greek island with another-worldly landscape, resorts carved into rock faces, and an abundance of wildlife to experience, explore and enjoy.

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