Book your flight to Limnos, Greece with Thomas Cook and discover a stunning island with plenty of culture, history, natural beauty and hidden gems to explore. Less travelled than most of the Greek islands, Limnos is a tiny jewel in the Aegean. Peaceful and unspoiled by mass tourism, this island paradise is all white-washed harbours, imposing castles and beautiful beaches. Centred around the main town of Myrina, life in Limnos is all about taking it slow. Spend your days bathing in the Aegean Sea, strolling along the waterfront and visiting the unique sights that make this island so very special.
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Things To Do In Limnos

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10 Facts About Limnos

  1. In Greek mythology, Lemnos was a special island. It was the homeland of the Amazons, and also the place where the blacksmith and crafts god, Hephaestus, had his workshop.
  2. Lemnos island has many beaches, which are vast in size and covered in soft golden sand. Keros, Zematas, Thanos, Agios Ermolaos and Gomati are some of the best.
  3. Ancient Poliochni, 30km to the east of Myrina, dates back to the beginning of the 3rd millenium BC and is thought to be the oldest settlement in Europe.
  4. During the Ottoman rule, the Turks lived in the Byzantine Castle of Myrina, thus the remnants of a mosque. In 1770, the castle was damaged by the Russian fleet who tried to free from the Turks.
  5. Ifestia excavations in the 1920s and 1930s, revealed evidence of a large settlement. A cemetery, baths, a theatre and a large palace were uncovered along with statues of humans, animals and monsters.
  1. Nearby, cape Ekato Kephalon, meaning "a hundred heads" in Greek, showcases many drawings of demonic heads on its rocks. The drawings are faded but still visible.
  2. Close to the archaeological site of Kaviria on Lemnos, is the Cave of Philoctetes, named for an ancient Greek hero, who was bitten by a serpent and abandoned here.
  3. Moudros is the second biggest town of Lemnos. Sights here include the remains of a castle that the Venetians destroyed in 1656, the church of Taxiarches and the church of Evagelistria.
  4. An extremely green and lush island, Limnos is blessed with fertile soil, where olives, fruit and wheat can grow and a delicious local honey is produced.
  5. Limnos is a wine-producing island, producing fresh and aromatic dry wines, but mainly warming, sweet wines from the Muscat of Alexandria which flourishes in its soil.

More About Limnos

If you’re looking to recreate the Greek holidays of your childhood, or have grown jaded by overdeveloped resorts, Limnos might just be the Greek tonic you are looking for. Refreshingly old-fashioned, it bears all the fruits of a great Greek holiday - beaches - check, great restaurants - check, ancient architecture - check - but with that dash of traditional charm. Whether it’s a family getaway or a romantic jaunt, there’s plenty to keep all occupied, with great facilities minus the large crowds.

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