Montego Bay

Long-haul destinations don't come much more vibrant, colourful and exciting than Montego Bay in Jamaica. You'll enjoy laid-back days and lively nights on this Caribbean island hotspot. 'Mo Bay' as it's affectionately known by locals, is a feast for the senses, where a riot of colour matches the sound of the reggae drums being carried by a warm breeze. It's a 'go with the flow' type of place, where the Marley mentality of 'don't worry, be happy' is king. If you want to let the hassles of everyday life ebb away, like the tide, Montego Bay is the place to head.
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Things To Do In Montego Bay

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10 Facts About Montego Bay

  1. Early maps of Montego Bay show it was called “Bahia de Manteca”, “Lard Bay” or "Montego de Salmanca", showing the Spaniards were there before the British.
  2. The haunted The Rose Hall Great House belonged to the widowed Annie Mary Patterson, who murdered all three of her husbands and practiced voodoo.
  3. A famous fan of the bay, Sir Richard Branson opened a Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Montego Bay to help aspiring entrepreneurs.
  4. Montego Bay is the site of one of the largest slave uprisings in Jamaica’s history – the Christmas Rebellion of 1831-32. Ultimately, the slaves became violent and burned buildings and canefields in several parishes.
  5. In 1494, Christopher Columbus became the first European to dock on Montego Bay in 1494, when he named it ‘Golfo de Buen Tiempo’ meaning 'Fair Weather Gulf'.
  1. The Spanish named Montego Bay "Bahia de Mantega" because of the large quantities of pigs' lard they exported to their colonies in South America and the West Indies.
  2. Affectionately called the “friendly city” because of the warmth and friendliness of its people, Montego Bay is also called Mo Bay for short.
  3. Montego Bay has the largest number of hotel rooms in Jamaica, as well as five championship golf courses, many tennis courts and much, much more!
  4. In cobbled Sam Sharpe Square in the town centre, stands the Cage, formerly a jail for runaway slaves, and the ruins of the Courthouse, built in 1804 and destroyed by fire in the 90s.
  5. As home of the north-shore airport, Montego Bay is the entry port for most of Jamaica’s visitors. It's the second-largest city in Jamaica and has a busy cruise pier west of town.

More About Montego Bay

Jamaica is also a popular Caribbean destination for golfers, and Montego Bay has plenty of incredible courses to choose from, including The Half Moon Golf Club and the Tryall Club. The latter is considered to be one of the best courses in the world, it was formerly home to the LPGA Tour’s Jamaica Classic and the Johnny Walker World Championship. Monetgo Bay is also the starting point of the Bob Marley Experience, a tour which journeys to the village of Nine Mile, the legendary musician lived.

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