Located in central Florida, Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. It really is the ultimate family holiday for those with a sense of fun and adventure. The first theme park to mention is of course Disney World. It’s a park every visitor should check out, Disney fans of or not! Of course, Orlando isn’t all about Disney. You’ll be spoilt for choice for theme parks and fun attractions, whatever your tribe is into and however old you are! Definitely one for family holidays, kids and adults alike, the weather in Orlando is always glorious and everyone is smiling. Truly, a holiday here is one you’ll remember forever.
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Things To Do In Orlando

Weather in Orlando

Orlando Weather

Average Winter Temp

23 °C

Average Summer Temp

33 °C

10 Facts About Orlando

  1. It is estimated that it would take the average tourist 67 days to see all of Orlando’s attractions – best get started early!
  2. At the Nickeldeon Family Studios in Orlando, they say they dump 10,000 cream pies on guests’ heads per year.
  3. Orlando is well-known for its water parks. In fact, the very first water park in the world opened here in 1977. It’s still here: Wet n Wild.
  4. To get a sense of how big the Walt Disney World Resort is, you could fit two San Franciscos in it!
  5. The most famous resident at SeaWorld Orlando, Shamu the whale, is fed 230 lbs of food a day.
  1. Richard Nixon’s famous “I am not a crook” quip was spoken at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.
  2. The world’s largest Mariott hotel is in Orlando. It has 200 rooms.
  3. The tallest Cypress Tree in the world is in Central Florida. It is called The Senator and is an astonishing 138 feet tall.
  4. There are so many restaurants in Orlando that is would take you over five years to sample something from every single one of them. That’s assuming you’re eating three meals a day!
  5. Orlando gave birth to some famous faces. The singer Rob Thomas was born here, as was Mandy Moore, Joey Fatone and Howie Dorough (of Backstreet Boys fame.)

More About Orlando

Orlando is great for holidays because it accommodates all budgets. While the theme parks have their entrance fees, many of the hotels here are all-inclusive and you don’t have to break the bank. There are also plenty of opportunities away from the theme parks – shopping malls, nearby towns, museums and many restaurants.

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