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Cheapest flights to Preveza - Greece

Preveza sits at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf in northwest Greece and is a dream holiday destination for those looking for something more than just the usual sand, sea and trip to a waterpark. This authentic Greek holiday spot is rich in historical and cultural attractions for a real feel of traditional Greece.

Of course, the Preveza region does have beaches - and fine ones at that! Kanali has one of the best - a wide stretch of golden sand flanked by green hills. You'll also find sandy stretches framed by towering cliffs on one side and turquoise waters on the others, with seclusion, relaxation and tranquillity being the beach buzz words on Preveza holidays.

If you only visit one beach on holidays to Preveza however, make it the beach of Monolithi. This stunning beach lies just 8km from Preveza, in a picture-perfect horseshoe shaped bay. Backed by lush forests, and with deep, blue/green waters for swimming, a day spent here is one spent in pure paradise.

In the centre of Preveza you'll find a marina at its heart, with bars, restaurants and cafes to keep you well-fed and watered. It's the perfect place to try some traditional Greek cuisine, whether you choose a freshly caught fish dish or a seemingly endless meze experience.

A wander around the town centre will see you happen upon a wealth of historical attractions. The Venetian clock tower is one of the best-known landmarks, but you also have a collection of other churches to marvel at. If you've read up on your Greek history you'll want to see the statue of Odysseas Androutsos, a great hero of the Greek War of Independence, and for culture vultures, you also have the statue and last residence of tragic Greek poet Kostas Karyotakis.

For those with an interest in ancient Greece and archaeology, the ruins of Nicopolis will be on the must-see list, as well as the nearby archaeological sites of Ancient Cassope, Ancient Trikastron and Ancient Berenikea. For a wider understanding of these crumbling relics, the Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis, and the Museum of Arts and Sciences of Epirus are also worth a visit.

Preveza isn't your typical tourist hub. There's no waterpark to be found and no banana boats or jet skis to be seen. What it does have however is an amazing collection of historical and archaeological sights, beautiful hidden beaches and stunning surrounding countryside.

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