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Cheapest flights to Rhodes - Greece

As the most visited of all the Greek islands, you're guaranteed something pretty special when you book flights to Rhodes. With over 200km of stunning coastline, it's safe to say that there's a resort here for everyone, from up-all-night party people to those looking for a slice of the quiet life.

If you're looking for a loud and lively island resort - maybe you're holidaying with a group, celebrating a special occasion, or just want to really let your hair down - Faliraki should be top of your list. Tackle the epic strip, lined with clubs and bars, by night, then spend the days recovering on the longest stretch of sand on the whole island.

For those who'd prefer a more authentic Greek island experience, Rhodes Town is the cultural heart of the island. This medieval old town is the oldest in Europe to still be occupied, and the cobbled streets hide a wealth of cultural and historical gems. See the famous Street of Knights, quench your thirst for knowledge at the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes and relax in Socratous Garden - or simply spend some time wandering the maze of cobbled streets and taking in the somewhat magical atmosphere of this ancient capital city.

Of course, as the island's capital, Rhodes Town isn't all crumbling ruins and ancient artefacts. Its flipside is a cosmopolitan city base, with cocktail bars and designer boutiques galore.

A quieter option with lots to offer both beach bums and culture vultures alike is Lindos. Lindos offers a real ‘best of both worlds’ experience, for those who want a bit of beach relaxation and a taste of traditional island life. Visitors to the town are treated to an authentic village experience, with no cars allowed (just donkeys!) and a wealth of historical, cultural and natural attractions (with no water parks or theme parks to be found). Two beautiful beaches make a great base for lazy days, when sunbathing, snorkelling and boat trips are on the agenda, but, when you're ready to get to grips with the history of Lindos, the hilltop acropolis awaits exploration. With Lindos and Rhodes Town within easy reach of each other, Rhodes is the ideal destination to choose if you like your holidays to have a historical slant.

The Greek island of Rhodes is large enough to be all things to all people - without diluting the experience. Book your great value flights to Rhodes with Thomascook Airlines and discover your very own dream island destination - whatever that may be!

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