Turin is a gem of an Italian city, sitting proudly at the top of the country with the magnificent backdrop of the Alps mountain range. Flying into Turin works perfectly for ski holidays, as the snowy slopes of the Alps are practically on the city's doorstep. The impressive network of ski resorts known as the Milky Way are within striking distance, with Claviere (old school charm), Sauze d'Oulx (loud and lively), Sestriere (for challenging runs), Montgenevre (quiet French resort) and Sansicario (popular with families) all being within two hours of this Italian city.
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Things To Do In Turin

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10 Facts About Turin

  1. Turin is considered to be the centre of witchcraft of Italy. It was part of the black magic triangle alongside London and San Francisco - but also the white magic triangle with Lyon and Prague.
  2. Turin holds a chocolate festival ever year in November, called Cioccolato, showcasing Italian and international chocolate, with a focus on artisan productions in the Piemonte chocolatier tradition.
  3. Turin’s traditional drink, Bicerin, is made of espresso, chocolate and milk. It’s best enjoyed at the Al Bicerin café, which has been serving it since the eighteenth century.
  4. Sometimes referred to as the Detroit of Italy, Turin houses the headquarters and main production center for Fiat and was once home to the largest car factory in the world.
  5. The Piemonte region is home to the white truffle, one of the rarest foods in the world. Prices per kilogram are well into the thousands.
  1. Solid chocolate was first produced in Turin. Take that, Switzerland!
  2. Visitors should step with their heels on the bronze bull's balls set in the pavement outside Caffe Torino in Piazza San Carlo for good luck.
  3. Vermouth was invented in Turin in 1786 by Benedetto Carpano. The popular aperitif was created by blending wine with thirteen different ingredients.
  4. Breadsticks, served before dinner with most meals in Italy, were actually invented in Turin around the 14th century.
  5. In 2006, Turin hosted the 20th Winter Olympic Games.Italy placed ninth in the medal tables, with Germany taking first place.

More About Turin

A tour of Turin will see you taking in stunning architecture, beautiful fountains and elaborate landmarks, as well as a classy but lively nights cene. Contrast this with the vast mountain ranges, amazing snow conditions and pretty village resorts that can be seen from the city centre and it's clear that this is a destination which has it all. Whatever you want to see in and around Turin, Thomas Cook Airlines has cheap flights to get you there.

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