Zante, also commonly known as Zakynthos, is a tiny Greek island, measuring just 40km by 18km. However, what's undeniable is that this beautiful destination, floating merrily in the Ionian Sea, manages to pack a sizable punch as a holiday hotspot. As a Greek island, it almost goes without saying that the coastline consists of stunning beach after stunning beach. However, what you might not expect on a holiday to Zante is the amazing wealth and variety of landscape away from the coast - including thundering mountain ranges, rolling vineyards and hidden villages. What are you waiting for?
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Things To Do In Zante

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10 Facts About Zante

  1. Zante produces grapes and wine, which can be sampled locally. Greek legend has it that the island used to be protected by the god Dionysus, the god of wine.
  2. Dionysios Solomos, a famous poet, was born in Zakynthos.The national poet of Greece, he famously wrote the Greek national anthem.
  3. Vrahion is the tallest mountain of the island, at 758 metres in height. Skopos comes in second at 492 metres high.
  4. Zakynthians are rightly proud of their cuisine, which is largely based on organic, home grown ingredients and delicious fresh fish. Meze is popular here, meaning you can try a little of everything - and a lot more if you wish!
  5. A great selection of native grape varieties have been grown on the island for centuries. They are used to make the intensely flavored, very acidic Verdea wine.
  1. The Mediterranean Monk Seal, one of the most endangered species on the planet, swims in the waters off of Zante, usually in the sea caves.
  2. During the Nazi occupation of Greece, Mayor Karrer and Bishop Chrysostomos bravely hid the town's 275 Jewish people in rural villages. All survived.
  3. The famous popular Blue Caves, reachable from Agios Nikolaos, are a popular trip. The amazing colour of the water is due to unusual light reflections within the caves.
  4. Historians believe that Zakynthos was inhabited from 3,000 years BC. Another theory suggests the first settlers came to Zakynthos in the 16th century from the Peloponnese.
  5. Zakynthos is home to the National Marine Park, built in 1999 to protect the sea turtle Caretta caretta. The endangered species is can lay their eggs here undisturbed.

More About Zante

Aside from the delights of beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, on dry land, the markets, hidden coves (Smuggler's Cove is a must see!), fantastic Greek restaurants and remarkable island scenery make holidays to Zante truly memorable, no matter how you choose to spend them. Whether you’re after a real good-time holiday with friends or something a little more relaxed with the family, tiny Zante really does have it all. Book your cheap flights to Zante with Thomas Cook Airlines and enjoy your perfect Greek island escape - whatever that may be!

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