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Las Vegas

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The sheer size of the United States makes it the kind of place that you need to visit more than once. It's roughly 38 times the size of the UK, and each state has a unique personality, meaning that America really does have it all: dazzling metropolises, remote wildernesses, baking deserts, snowy mountains, iconic landmarks and ghost towns. The question is: where do you start?

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Fly with us to the USA and enjoy fantastic service, excellent value for money and competitive pricing with a comparable service to many major airlines and no hidden fees:

  • Non-stop flights to major airports in New York, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas and Reno
  • Inclusive 23kg checked baggage allowance instead of the standard 20kg
  • Personal seat back in-flight entertainment system
  • Free James Martin in-flight meal service available from Summer 2015
  • New Premium service available from Summer 2015
  • All our flights are ATOL protected under Thomas Cook retail, so your money is safe with us
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New York Miami Orlando Las Vegas
Outbound airport Manchester Manchester London Stansted (from Summer 2015)
London Stansted (from Summer 2015)
Arrival airport John F. Kennedy International Airport Miami International Airport Orlando International Airport McCarran International Airport
Flying days per week
3 per week 2 per week 6 per week Up to 3 per week
Flying days Mon, Thurs and Sat Fri and Sun Everyday apart from Monday Wed, Fri and Sun
Flight time 7 hours 30 minutes 8 hours 45 minutes 8 hours 40 minutes 10 hours 20 minutes

If you're looking to escape the UK for a week or two of brilliant sunshine then you can't go wrong with Florida, nicknamed the 'Sunshine State' for the sheer amount of warm weather it has every year. Florida's semi-tropical climate has attracted tourists for years, and there are plenty of glamorous resorts to choose from, but off the beaten track you'll find untamed forest, rivers and swamps filled with wildlife including dolphins, eagles and alligators. To the south of the peninsula is Miami, a cosmopolitan city infused with Caribbean and Latin American culture, which is evident in everything from the food to the dance floor. Florida is also heaven for the kids as Orlando, which is only 30 minutes from Sanford airport, is home to Walt Disney World, a network of theme parks so large that you could spend your entire holiday there.

If you like your heat a little drier, you should head southwest to Las Vegas. You might expect kitsch, but this spectacular city is actually very cool - despite the searing heat of the surrounding Nevada desert – and is full of classy casinos and stylish hotels, alongside the famous replicas of world cities such as Paris, New York and Ancient Rome. Make sure you take a bit of extra cash and be prepared to lose it as no trip to the city is complete without a session on the gaming tables or at the slot machines. After a couple of days of gambling you can use Las Vegas as a great base to explore the neighbouring state of California. It's in close proximity to the glamour of Los Angeles and the laidback hippy vibe of San Francisco as well as the breath taking landscapes of the Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks.

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